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About AUMA

Who is AUMA?

We believe that municipalities need stable and predictable funding to support their social, economic, cultural, environmental, and governance objectives. We also believe that the roles and responsibilities of municipal governments must be recognized and respected by both the provincial and federal orders of governments, and advocate for that recognition and respect. We work to ensure that everyone—at every level of government—understands that municipal governments are accountable to their citizens and are trusted to act in the best interest of their respective communities.

AUMA works to engage our members and develop strategic partnerships between all orders of government to meet municipal needs. Although many urban municipalities share common challenges, such as the need to fund core services and maintain infrastructure, we also understand the diverse and complex nature of our membership. That’s why we’re committed to developing solutions that respect differences.

Whether it’s building and leveraging strategic partnerships, building capacity through the development of resources and tools, or developing efficient, effective business solutions, we never lose sight of the fact that every municipality is unique.