Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles and Governance


Municipal governments are a fully engaged order of government and have the capacity to build thriving communities.


The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association empowers municipalities by providing visionary leadership, solutions-based advocacy, and service excellence.

Guiding Principles

  1. Municipal Governments must have the fiscal capacity to fulfill their mandate through: primary access to the property tax base; and sustainable, predictable, long-term sources of revenue.
  2. The federal and provincial governments have sole responsibility for direct income redistribution programs and services.
  3. The primary focus of urban government is to provide locally oriented services to property and people.
  4. Each local urban council will maintain responsibility for the establishment of local standards of services to property and people.
  5. Any new standards or requirements imposed by the provincial or federal orders of government must be fully funded by that order of government.
  6. Amendments and changes to legislation and regulations relating to municipal governments shall only proceed when AUMA has actively participated and agreed, through meaningful input in a review process.
  7. Responsible stewardship of our ecological systems is essential to the economic viability, quality of life and sustainability of our community.
  8. Quality infrastructure is critical to supporting healthy, financially sustainable communities, and strengthens the quality of life for all Albertans, and is the foundation for the Alberta Advantage.


AUMA is led by a Board of Directors elected by member municipalities during each annual convention. The AUMA Board is comprised of representatives from Alberta’s cities, towns, villages, summer villages, and specialized municipalities.