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Advocacy services

What we do

AUMA works with elected and administrative leaders of Alberta’s urban municipalities to help them build thriving communities. We advocate for solutions to municipal issues, and identify and develop opportunities that contribute to community wellbeing and sustainability.

Our dedicated team works on a broad range of issues of concern to our members. These issues connect with the key components of community building:

  • Economic
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Infrastructure
  • Social

Our solutions have included developing policies and toolkits, providing education and training, and advocating to other orders of government to achieve beneficial change.

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Member Outreach

Relationships are important to us. We engage and energise our members to develop strategic partnerships between all orders of government. Our events make it easier for our members to build relationships with each other and with our provincial and federal government partners.

  • Municipal Leaders' Caucus: We host this event every spring and summer. Municipal leaders can participate in presentations from provincial ministers, engage in municipally-focused panel sessions, and provide input on municipal issues. Also, municipalities can submit their Requests for Decision (RFDs). RFDs are the emerging issues municipalities wish to debate at the MLC prior to the annual convention in September.

You can read more about the process for RFDs in the Municipal Leaders' Caucus policy.

  • AUMA Convention & AMSC Tradeshow: Each fall, this event brings together more than 1,200 municipal, provincial, and federal elected officials, senior administrators, and other vital stakeholders for networking and collaboration. By providing a forum for sharing knowledge, best practices, and experiences we can help Alberta’s urban municipalities build thriving communities.

AUMA also invites its regular members to submit resolutions for consideration at the convention. Read more about the process for resolutions in the Resolutions Policy.

Helpful reading: What's the difference between a resolution and a request for a decision?

Many issues confronting local councils require action by other orders of government. Since these issues can be common to many municipalities,...
Our programs and services have been developed in response to the problems, challenges and opportunities that are impacting our members and their...