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Programs & Initiatives

At AUMA, we represent urban municipalities—including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities— which includes more than 85% of Albertans.

Whether we are advocating for the interests of our members or providing a solutions-based business service, we consider key components of sustainable community buildingeconomic, environment, governance, infrastructure and social

Our programs and initiatives have been developed in response to the problems, challenges and opportunities that are impacting our members and their citizens. In order to be effective advocates for the issues that matter most to municipalities, our programs and initiatives also aim to educate and inform our stakeholders and the general public about why those issues should matter to them too.

For an overview of how our services connect to the key components of community building, view a copy of our We are community builders. brochure.

Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initatives Category
20 questions municipal councillors should ask about... Governance
Asset management Infrastructure
Brownfields Environment
Business Vitality Alberta Economic
Cannabis (Marijuana) Legalization Governance
Chief Administrative Officer performance appraisal Governance
Economic Development Resources Hub Economic
Election Supports Hub Governance
Emergency management and disaster response Infrastructure
Energy policies framework Economic
Enterprise risk management Governance
Investing in Canada Program Infrastructure
MGA Change Management Resources Governance
Municipal Climate Change Action Centre Environment
Municipal Government Act Governance
Municipal Planning Hub Governance
Municipal Sustainability Planning Governance
Property Assessment and Taxation Hub Governance
Public Engagement and Social Media Resource Guides Governance
Rural/urban cost sharing Governance
Sample municipal budgets Governance
Smart Communities Governance
Tourism Vitality Alberta Toolkit Economic
Transportation Infrastructure
Waste Management Hub Environment
Water Management Environment