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Programs & Initiatives

Building Thriving Communities

AUMA represents Alberta’s urban municipalities, which are home to more than 85% of Alberta’s population. These municipalities include:

  • cities
  • towns
  • villages
  • summer villages
  • specialized municipalities

We work with the elected and administrative leaders of our members to help them build thriving communities. We advocate for solutions to municipal issues, and identify and develop opportunities that contribute to community wellbeing. These issues connect with the key components of community building:

Member Input & Stakeholder Education

Our programs and initiatives are developed with member input. They are designed to help ease the problems and challenges faced by municipalities, while building on the many opportunities that benefit their residents. We are successful advocates for our members because our programs and initiatives also educate and inform stakeholders about how these issues will affect them, too.

We invite you to download a copy of our We are community builders brochure which outlines how our programs and initiatives support Alberta’s communities. You can review our specfic programs and initiatives our team has been diligently working on by clicking on the links below.