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Cannabis (Marijuana) Legalization

Cannabis is now legal 

In Alberta, the following rules apply:

  • You must be 18 to use cannabis.
  • You must purchase it only from licensed stores or
  • 30 grams is the most you can buy or carry at a time
  • You can't smoke in some public places - know your local laws.
  • Driving high is illegal.
  • Cannabis may not be within reach of anyone in a vehicle.
  • Only 4 plants can be grown per household.
  • Edibles are legal, but it will take some time before they are available for sale
  • Kids can't enter cannabis stores.

You must respect the laws of the province, territory or Indigenous community you are in, whether you are a visitor or live there. Individual municipalities may also pass bylaws to regulate the use of cannabis locally. Check with your municipality for local information. It is illegal now and will remain illegal to take any amount of cannabis across Canada's international borders.

Edibles are legal

As of October 17, 2019, cannabis edibles, topicals, and extracts will be legal. But don’t expect to see them on the shelves of your friendly neighbourhood cannabis retailer any time soon. While Health Canada began accepting new product applications from licensed cannabis producers on October 17, 2019, the applications include a 60-day notice period, so the new products are not expected to appear in physical or online stores until late December 2019.

The legalization of cannabis edibles, topicals, and extracts is not anticipated to have significant impacts on municipalities. These products will be subject to the same provincial legislative and regulatory framework as the dried plant and oil products, as well as any municipal bylaws around cannabis consumption, and will be sold in existing retail outlets.

A summary of AUMA’s advocacy on the legalization of cannabis for recreational use is shown in the table below:

Federal/Provincial Government Activity AUMA Advocacy
Federal consultation on legalizing cannabis 
for recreational use
AUMA response to federal consultation

Federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and

Task Force Webpage

Task Force Report

AUMA response to the Task Force Report
Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act of Canada

AUMA news release

AUMA presentation to Standing Committee on Health

Provincial consultation on legalizing cannabis for
recreational use

AUMA response to provincial consultation – Phase I

AUMA response to provincial consultation – Phase II

Cannabis excise tax revenue sharing

AUMA letter to the Minister of Alberta Justice
and Solicitor General

AUMA news release

Updates to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor,
and Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Legalization in Alberta Municipalities

AUMA Special Digest
Government of Alberta Municipal Cannabis Transition Program AUMA News Release
Federal consultation on regulating cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals

AUMA response to federal consultation


Municipal Resources:

    General Information 

    Tools and Guides for Municipalities


    Human Resources

    Impaired Driving

    Parents and Children