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Staff Resources

STAFF RESOURCES- Are you looking to build your staff’s economic development capacity?


Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) 
The EOEP was developed to provide municipally elected officials with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills, raising the quality of municipal government and enabling those in office to effectively achieve the goals of their community. In addition to courses on municipal governance, land use planning and community engagement, the EOEP also offers a course on community economic development.  

Provincial Resources

Rural Alberta Business Centre (RABC) 
RABCs are a partnership between the Government of Alberta and local organizations actively involved with the business community. They provide advice and information services to entrepreneurs and small businesses to assist them in making informed business decisions.
Each rural business centre is staffed by a small business advisor who assists in providing one-on-one business advice, seminars, workshops, and access to relevant information about small businesses and business opportunities. Information and materials are tailored to the specific needs of the communities served by each RABC.

Rural Alberta Business Centres exist in the following communities:

Municipal Internship Program
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs offers an internship service, allowing municipalities to provide experience to a young student while also benefitting from increased labour resources.

Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs) 
Alberta's REDAs developed out of a need to stimulate long-term economic development and growth strategies in Alberta's rural and urban communities. REDAs in Alberta are autonomous grassroots-based, non-profit organizations comprised of member communities and regional stakeholders that work together to foster business development and prosperity in a defined geographic area. This collaboration and cooperation enables members and stakeholders to undertake projects that they could not necessarily do on their own. REDAs enable regions to compete more effectively in a global marketplace and improve investment attraction, resulting in greater prosperity locally, regionally, and provincially.

Each of the following pages contains links to REDA profile documents, websites, contact information and more:

  • Northeast Alberta Information Hub Ltd. (AlbertaHUB)
  • Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance (Alberta SW)
  • Battle River Alliance for Economic Development Ltd. (BRAED)
  • Central Alberta Economic Partnership Ltd. (CAEP)
  • Calgary Regional Partnership Incorporated (CRP)
  • Grizzly Regional Economic Alliance Society (Growth Alberta)
  • Lesser Slave Lake Economic Alliance (LSLEA)
  • Palliser Economic Partnership (PEP) Ltd.
  • Peace Region Economic Development Alliance (PREDA)
  • Regional Economic Development Initiative Association for Northwest Alberta (REDI)
  • SouthGrow Regional Initiative (SouthGrow)

Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) 

The Evolution of Local Economic Development in Canada - Policy Brief
Learn about the evolution of local economic development in Canada with an emphasis on what lessons this evolution might offer to emerging economies worldwide.

Promoting equitable and sustainable local economic development: Tools for Local Governments
This toolkit provides local government officials with practical strategies for incorporating sustainability and equitability into all aspects of a local economic development project, from initial planning to final evaluation. 

Municipal role in private sector development
In many developing countries, local governments are working to create sustainable economic growth through foreign direct investment attraction and support of small and medium-sized enterprises. This document outlines how local governments in Canada created policies and programs to support economic development in their communities.

The Role of Elected Mayors in Creating a Business-Friendly Environment in Carmona
Local government leadership mobilizes key stakeholders to create a business-friendly environment that embraces both social and economic development priorities.


Canada Business Network 

Canada Business Network promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, and provides assistance through an organized network of service centres across Canada. There is a centre in each province and territory working with partners in many communities across their region, providing communities with numerous service access points.

The Network supports Local Economic Development by: 

  • reducing the complexity of dealing with multiple levels of government; 
  • consolidating business information in one convenient service; and
  • enabling well-informed business decision making in a global economy. 

Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Handbook
This manual focuses on professionalizing local government, encouraging citizen involvement in governance and building community capacity.

Alberta Community & Co-Operative Association 
ACCA provides a platform for a community to host a post-secondary intern, providing extra labour resources to a municipality that would otherwise be unable to provide certain services.

International Resources 

Making Local Economic Development Strategies—A Trainer’s Manual (World Bank)
Developed as a resource to assist communities to develop local economic development strategies, this Local Economic Development Primer has been prepared for towns, cities, and communities that are new to LED and that wish to help their local economies grow.
The trainer’s manual seeks to provide municipalities, practitioners, businesses, and communities with an 
understanding of what local economic development is, why it is practiced, and how it is practiced.

Community Economic Analysis: A How To Manual (North Central Regional Centre for Rural Development)
This handbook explains how to conduct local economy assessment. Provides ideas on benefits and drawbacks and step-by-step guidelines on how to apply and interpret the results through a range of analytical tools. 

Workforce Development for Economic Competitiveness (National League of Cities) 
Municipal leaders acknowledge that their cities' future economic competitiveness and long term success is directly tied to the quality and skills of its workforce. This municipal action guide provides city leaders with strategies to strengthen their role in workforce development, including identifying stakeholders, building connections, and economic development.  

The Role of Local Elected Officials in Economic Development | 10 Things You Should Know (National League of Cities) 
This report is the result of a partnership between the National League of Cities Center for Research and Innovation and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

Understanding your local economy: a resource guide for cities (Cities Alliance) 
This guide addresses the challenges of analysing local economic conditions and a city’s comparative and competitive advantages. Funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the guide presents practical approaches to conducting citywide and region-wide economic and competitive assessments. It includes advice on how to choose local economic development indicators and tools that can assess a local economy’s competitiveness.