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Elected officials expenses disclosure toolkit

The new Elected Officials Expenses Disclosure Toolkit was developed after AUMA members requested that AUMA provide a resource guide to help disclose elected officials’ expenses. It was created through consultations with members to determine the current practice, level of interest, and needs of Alberta’s diverse municipalities. The toolkit includes best practices from diverse governmental and quasi-governmental organizations from within Alberta and across the country.

The toolkit includes:

  • A report of best practices pertaining to disclosure;
  • Examples from various Alberta municipalities;
  • A template for disclosure of expenses and related guidelines for elected officials and administrators to use in completing the template;
  • Explanatory material for the public that municipalities can post on their website outlining their commitment to transparent disclosure and an explanation of the expenditures;
  • A question and answer document to assist municipalities in implementing the toolkit; and,
  • A customizable toolkit, so that users can modify the disclosure categories and reporting frequency as appropriate to their needs.

The toolkit can be accessed here and the Excel format disclosure template can be accessed here.