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Canadian resources

Canadian resources

Municipalities all across Canada are faced with having to understand intermunicipal cooperation. Included below is a compilation of helpful Canadian resources.

Municipal Capacity Development Program (MCDP)
The MCDP was formally launched in November 2006. Its roots are based on the outcomes of the Clearing the Path Initiative and developed as a partnership between SARM, SUMA, New North and Saskatchewan Municipal Affairs. The MCDP was created with the goal of promoting growth, cooperation and community development through intermunicipal partnership.

Capital Region Board Case Study
This case study will look at the creation and function of the Capital Region Board (CRB), the regional governance structure created in the Alberta Capital Region in April, 2008. The study will examine why and how the CRB was formed, how it has functioned in its first year, and how it compares to previous incantations of regional governance in the Capital Region.

Regional Governance Models: An Exploration of Structures and Critical Practices 
A case study of 12 city-regions worldwide that are similar in population distribution to the Alberta Capital Region. The study was completed for the Government of Alberta, Municipal Affairs.

Handbook on Inter-Municipal Partnership and Co-operation for Municipal Government
This handbook is an initiative brought about during the November 2002 annual conference of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM). The UNSM and Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations joined together in an effort to promote greater voluntary cooperation between municipalities. The goals of both organizations in this initiative are to maximize resources and enhance service delivery in municipal government.

Report on Municipal Rescaling & Regional Cooperation  
This report is the product of a partnership between Municipal Associations and Provinces/Territories. The report is designed to be a resource for local, provincial, and territorial decision-makers. It supports the successful management of the challenges and opportunities presented by the continuing changes in their communities. The goal of the report is to provide Municipal Associations and Provinces/Territories with a practical and user-friendly document that will help decision makers learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions. Contact information is included for users to follow up to obtain additional information for a more in-depth understanding of the specific initiative.