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Municipal Government Act Regulations


A key initiative for AUMA is the Municipal Government Act (MGA), as it provides the foundation for the way that municipalities plan, govern, and pay for services for their residents. This page provides a single location for all documents relating to the regulations under the MGA.

Growth Management Board Regulations

Municipal Affairs has released draft regulations for the Calgary and Edmonton Metropolitan Region Boards for public comment. Members interested in providing feedback have until October 2 to respond.

Drafts of the regulations and the link to provide feedback can be found on the Alberta Government Regulations Review website

July 2017 Regulations

In July 2017, 15 proposed regulations were released including 12 that were prioritized for review by AUMA due to their importance to municipalities across the province. In order to develop a response, AUMA carried out an extensive multi-stage member engagement process including open comments from members, an administrative working group composed of chief administrative officers and senior municipal administrators, review by the AUMA Elected Officials Professional Development, Sustainability and Environment, and Municipal Governance Standing Committees, and review by the AUMA Board.

AUMA Response to July 2017 MGA Regulations

Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Regulation

Community Aggregate Payment Levy Regulation

Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation

Council and Council Committee Meeting Regulation

Determination of Population Regulation

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Regulation

Matters Relating to Assessment and Taxation Regulation

Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation

Matters Relating to Assessment Subclasses Regulation

Off-site Levies Regulation

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Regulation

Subdivision and Development Regulation
(Please note: the Subdivision and Development Forms Regulation is now included in this regulation.)

Past Regulations

Municipal Corporate Planning:

Public Participation Policy: