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Municipal Government Act Review


A key initiative for AUMA is the Municipal Government Act (MGA), as it provides the foundation for the way that municipalities plan, govern, and pay for services for their residents.  This page provides a single window for advocacy materials and information relating to the MGA review.


AUMA has developed a home page specific to the MGA Regulation Review. Please click here to provide input on regulations and to see past AUMA regulation sumbissions. There are more than 60 regulations that will need to be reviewed and amended as part of the MGA review. The province has indicated that these regulations will be reviewed and proclaimed before the 2017 municipal elections. As information becomes available, surveys and other information will be available below:

AUMA Responses to Consultations

The Alberta government has held consultation sessions with various stakeholders to gather information relevant to regulations under the MGA. AUMA has provided feedback to questions, and discussions, held with Municipal Affairs and are listed below. The government is anticipating draft regulations to be posted for 60 days for public feedback in early 2017 and AUMA will be providing further feedback at that time. We invite AUMA members to provide comment on the below responses to


This section includes information on changes to the Municipal Government Act made through Bill 20, Bill 21, and the upcoming proposed legislation. Amendments to the MGA were made in 2015 through the Municipal Government Amendment Act, Bill 20. Then in Spring 2016, Bill 21, the Modernized Municipal Government Act, was released and further amendments were introduced on November 22, 2016. Further, the province is reviewing other areas of the MGA for amendment though a “Continuing the Conversation” discussion document.

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Bill 20: Municipal Government Amendment Act, 2015

In February and March 2015, the government introduced “Bill 20”, the Municipal Government Amendment Act, which provided some changes to the MGA. Information about Bill 20 is below:

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Past Submissions

AUMA has provided input on key policy issues to the provincial government for the past several years, shown below.