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Tools & Resources

The tools and resources listed below can help to support healthy eating in your municipality. They are separated into the following sections: In and Around Schools, Recreation Centres, Public Buildings and Hospitals, Restaurants, and Additional Tools.

In and Around Schools
Creating Healthy Eating Environments in Schools
Alberta Health Services

Toolkit: The School Zone and Nutrition
Quebec Public Health Association

  • This guide recommends courses of action for municipalities wishing to improve the food environment of children by limiting the presence of fast-food restaurants near schools.

Recreation Centres
Food Action in Recreation Environments (FARE)
Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention

  • The Food Action in Recreation Environments (FARE) project supports action for policies that promote the availability of healthy foods in recreation facilities.

Public Buildings and Hospitals
Toolkit and Model Resolution: Making Your Municipality More Breastfeeding Friendly
Quebec Public Health Association

  • A tool that provides information, strategies and recommendations for municipalities wishing to make their community more breastfeeding friendly.

Assessment of Breastfeeding Support in a Facility

  • See Appendix A (p. 26) for a short checklist that evaluates breastfeeding support within buildings

Toolkit and Model Resolution: Banning the Sale of Energy Drinks in Public Buildings
Quebec Public Health Association

  • A tool that provides information, strategies, and specific recommendations for municipalities wishing to limit the sale of energy drinks in public buildings.

Healthy Menu Choices Act
Government of Ontario

  • This law requires food service premises with 20 or more locations in Ontario to display calories for standard food items on their menu.
  • Food and Health Today Podcast: Menu Labelling in Ontario: Is it Working?

Additional Tools
Stories of Healthy Policy Change
Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Stories of policy change happening in municipalities across Alberta, including municipal food and beverage policy, nutrition policy and menu labelling, and healthy food in recreational facilities. 

Policy Readiness Tool
Policy, Location, and Access in Community Environments (PLACE) Research Lab

  • A tool to assess a community or organization’s readiness for policy change and identify strategies to encourage the adoption of healthy public policy in these places.​

Community Action on Healthy Eating
Alberta Healthy Communities Hub

  • Evidence-based strategies for taking community action on healthy eating and resources to help support your efforts.

Affordable Food in Remote Manitoba (AFFIRM)
Government of Manitoba

  • This program reduces the price fresh foods (e.g. milk, fruit, vegetables) in eligible remote Northern communities through a subsidy. The subsidy is provided to participating stores and each store is required to pass on the full subsidy to the customer.

Restricting Marketing of Unhealthy Food and Beverages to Children: An Update on Proposed Regulations
Bill S-228: The Child Health Protection Act

  • This bill will restrict unhealthy food and beverage marketing directed at children. Once passed, Health Canada will finalize the regulations for the bill.