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Albertans are served by a law enforcement system that is made up of a number of organizations and various types of personnel.

Under provincial legislation, urban municipalities with populations over 5,000 must make arrangements to provide policing services in their communities. Urban municipalities with populations of 5,000 or less, and all rural municipalities regardless of population, receive policing services from the RCMP under the provincial policing contract between Alberta and the federal government.  

Draft Police Costing Model

On September 6, 2019, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General hosted a webinar to inform and gather preliminary feedback from municipalities on a new, draft police funding model. This funding model would only affect those municipalities with populations under 5,000, as well as municipal districts and counties, that do not currently pay directly for RCMP services. The materials for this webinar can be accessed here:

Justice and Solicitor General also conducted a survey and accepted written submissions on the model, with engagement closing on October 15, 2019. If you have any questions about these materials or the province’s engagement process, please contact the engagement team at

The AUMA Police Act Working Group assisted in developing AUMA’s response to the call for feedback on the draft police funding model. The full submission can be viewed here.

AUMA was pleased to see that the draft police costing model considers both the demand for services and the ability of a municipality to pay for services by using population and equalized assessment to determine cost distribution. We also acknowledge that the model will generate additional revenue that can be used to address issues with vacancies, understaffing, and other resource constraints. AUMA therefore supports the draft police costing model in principle. However, our full support depends on further action and commitments from the Government of Alberta:

  1. The province must invest all revenue generated by the police costing model into frontline policing resources.
  2. Prior to implementing the police costing model, the province must develop, in consultation with municipalities, a detailed plan of how policing resources will be deployed across Alberta.
  3. The deployment of policing resources must take place over an appropriate transition period (minimum of three years) and align with the phase-in of the police costing model, i.e. municipalities will not be required to pay for policing until resources have been deployed in their communities.
  4. Municipalities must have meaningful oversight of local police services so that they can assist in setting local policing priorities and be flexible and creative in deploying police resources locally.

If you have any questions about AUMA’s advocacy on this topic, please contact Kelly Santarossa, Senior Policy Advisor, at 780-409-4315 or  

AUMA Police Act Working Group

AUMA has established a Police Act Working Group to inform its response to engagement on the Police Act. The working group has the following mandate:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the Alberta Police Act and developing recommendations for amendments to improve policing services and community safety; and
  • Recommend a new, more equitable funding model to the AUMA Board.

AUMA Police Act Working Group Membership

AUMA Police Act Working Group Terms of Reference

To view AUMA's first submission to the Police Act Review, click here