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Sample municipal budgets

Municipalities across Alberta develop a series of budgetary documents each year including documents for council review, reports of actual and forecasted results, and material to share with the public. Based on member requests, AUMA has collected a number of samples to assist as samples of possible approaches to preparing municipal budget documents. We are making these available for reference or as templates for the preparation of your own municipal budget material.

If your municipality is interested in sharing budget documents, either complete or redacted, please email us.

City of Fort Saskatchewan
2017 Approved Budget

City of Lethbridge
Operating Budget
Capital Improvement Program
Annual Report & Highlights
Awards & Recognition
Fiscal Principles, Practices and Policies

Strathcona County
2017 Budget
Corporate and Department Business Plan

Town of Bon Accord
2017 to 2019 Budget
2016 to 2018 Budget
2015 to 2017 Budget - final draft
Budget 2014 to 2016 FINAL Inc Req
Budget 2014 to 2016 FINAL SUMMARY Inc Req
Budgeting Process
Capital 2014 Final
Community Services Overview
CS Budget 2015
Levy Summary
Municipal Budget 2015
MYCIP 2014
Rate Calculation Utilities 2014 A
Rate Calculation Utilities 2014 B
Rate Calculation Utilities 2014 C
Taxation Insert 2014
Utility Rate Structure – Regional Comparison 2013 Final

Town of Cochrane
2017 Budget
2017 Budget Council Presentation
Budget Overview Ad
Budget Ad 2: Capital Projects
Budget Ad 3: Budget Process
2016 Budget
Release: 2016 Budget approved by Council
2016 Budget Council Presentation
Budget Overview Ad
Budget Ad 2: Transportation Networks
Budget Ad 3: Capital Projects
Budget Ad 4: Budget Process
2015 Budget
2015 Budget Council Presentation
2015 Budget Overview Ad
2015 Budget Ad 2: Capital Projects
2015 Budget Ad 3: Budget Impacts
2015 Budget Ad 4: Budget Process

Town of Mayerthorpe
Reports and Plans
A Quick Guide to Municipal Financial Statements
2017 Budget
2016 Budget
Economic Development Strategic Planning Session
Mayerthorpe Community Sustainability Plan - Version 1 5 1 - Final Copy
2017 Strategic Plan
2016 Strategic Plan
Town of Mayerthorpe Economic Development Strategic Plan - March 7, 2017
Parks, Recreation and Culture Strategic Master Plan - January 2016

Town of Olds
2017 Approved Budget
2016 Approved Budget
More Information on Taxes
2017 Property Tax Assessment Notice
2016 Annual Report to the Community

Town of Sundre
The Budget Process
20 Questions About Government Financial Reporting
2017-2021 Capital Plan
2017-2018 Operating Budget
2016 Audited Financial Statements
2016 Financial Information Return
2015-2016 Approved Budget (adjusted)
2015 Audited Financial Statements
2015 Financial Information Return