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Grants / transfers

Given that water and wastewater systems are an absolutely vital service to ensuring the wellbeing of our health, economy, and environment, a number of grants and transfers from the provincial and federal governments have been made available to assist in their funding.

For more information on each type of grant or transfer available to municipalities, see our grants and transfers guide.

If you are aware of any grant or transfer program that is not yet included on this site, contact us so that we can provide that information to Alberta’s municipalities.

AUMA policy on grants and transfers

In addition to the policies outlined below, AUMA has been diligent in advocating for increased provincial investments in water following a drop of over $205 million in funding for the Alberta Municipal Water and Wastewater Partnership and Water for Life Initiative since their peak in 2011.

AUMA’s 2012 Municipal Water Policy includes the following policy statements pertaining to grants and transfers:


  • AUMA urges the Government of Alberta and Canada to work with municipalities to develop a funding strategy when new standards or regulations are introduced.
  • AUMA urges the Government of Alberta to improve alignment between the water policy-makers, regulators and infrastructure funders.
  • AUMA advocates for the Government of Alberta to provide sufficient, consistent core and project funding for Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils to carry out their primary mandate or watershed assessment and planning.


  • AUMA urges the Government of Alberta to create incentives and reward innovation for water conservation, efficiency and productivity by all sectors.
  • The Government of Alberta should update the criteria for water funding to give priority to requests from municipalities that have implemented or are working towards full metering, water conservation, efficiency and productivity planning, asset management and full cost accounting.


  • The Government of Canada should make water and wastewater infrastructure eligible for funding under the Long Term Infrastructure Plan as opposed to creating a dedicated funding stream in order to allow municipalities to set their own infrastructure priorities.

Regional systems

  • The Government of Alberta should increase funding for regional systems and extend the funding commitment to cover all phases of regional system development and transitional costs.
  • Funding for regional systems should be consistent with inter-municipal and regional plans where they exist.
  • AUMA urges the Government of Alberta to aid in funding and supporting small municipal and regional systems where populations may be decreasing and/or users may not be able to fully cover capital costs.
  • AUMA will work with Government of Alberta to explore emerging issues with regional systems such as a lack of direct access to funding for capital upgrades and disparities in regional funding programs.

AUMA’s 2014 Municipal Water Policy on Stormwater includes the following policy statements pertaining to funding:

  • AUMA advocates that the governments of Alberta and Canada collaborate to provide dedicated funding to mitigate urban flooding.
  • AUMA urges the Governments of Alberta and Canada to develop a dedicated funding program for local research and demonstration projects that improve stormwater management.

See our Policy Overview page for more information on AUMA’s Municipal Water Policies.