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First Steps: water audits

A vital first step to conserving water in your community is to get a firm grasp on the state of your current system. Given the wide range of conservation options available to municipalities, it is a good idea to fully understand how water is used and what parts of your system need improvement before investing time and financial resources in implementing other initiatives.

A great method of getting the full, detailed picture of water use in your community is a water audit. Water audits assess real vs apparent losses, deliver a detailed water management sustainability plan, and provide system performance indicators. They are the recommended first step to improving water conservation in municipalities.

Interested in getting started on the water conservation path? Start here. AMSC utilizes the AWWA M36 Water Audit developed by the International Water Association and conducted in partnership with Associated Engineering Ltd.

Water audit frequently asked questions

Q: What is a water audit?

A: A water audit is a comprehensive procedure that assesses real and apparent losses in your water system. It helps communities get a better understanding of their water loss, and where they should focus next to improve.

Q: What are the benefits of doing an AMSC Water Audit?

A: An AMSC Water Audit will provide your community with a full Water Management Sustainability Plan and system performance indicators that help form a baseline for water usage. It will help you reduce wasteful water withdrawal and optimize revenue recovery, minimize system disruptions, reduce risks for contamination, and give you a good idea on where to focus next for water conservation. 

The audits are performed in partnership with engineers at Associated Engineering Ltd.

Q: How do water audits work?

A: An AMSC Water Audit is assembled in two general stages: quantification of water consumption and water loss components, and water balance calculations. This process is non-invasive to the water distribution system and focuses on analysing the municipality’s water data.

Q: How much will a water audit cost my community?

A: A checklist will be provided to determine the municipality’s data preparedness for which a quote will be based upon. The size of the community is weighted less heavily. Contact an AMSC team member for further details.

Water audit resources

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