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Many issues confronting local councils require action by other orders of government. Since these issues can be common to many municipalities, forwarding them to AUMA is an effective way to reach key stakeholders. Any of the resolutions you forward to AUMA should be more than a directive to local municipal staff or a policy guideline for future council meetings. Instead, they should be the resolutions you and your council are hoping ultimately to have endorsed by a majority of Alberta's municipalities.

The deadline for submitting a resolution for debate at AUMA’s next Annual Convention is Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Resolutions can be submitted through AUMA’s website or through emailing

NEW RESOURCE: What's the difference between a resolution and a request for a decision?

Before submitting a new resolution, municipalities are encouraged to review:

   (to see if the topic of the potential resolution is already addressed or partly covered by an existing resolution)

In addition, you can reach out to AUMA’s Policy and Advocacy team by emailing for information on AUMA’s position on various topics and advice on writing resolutions.

Guide and template; current policy; resolution bylaws and books
2018 deadline is May 31
Catalogue of active and expired resolutions