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Compensation for Municipalities Participating in the Medical First Response Program

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Resolution Category: 
Provincial Scope 10
Wetaskiwin, City of
Active Clauses: 

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association requests the Government of Alberta to provide direct financial compensation on a full cost-recovery basis to all Alberta Medical First Response agencies for every call responded to.

Whereas Clauses: 

WHEREAS the Province of Alberta is responsible for providing ambulance service in Alberta;

WHEREAS the Province of Alberta, through Alberta Health Services, offers the “Alberta Medical First Response Program” which is a voluntary program which Alberta municipalities can participate in to provide medical first response service;

WHEREAS no compensation is provided to municipalities participating in the program, other than for a very limited amount of equipment and training; and

WHEREAS the service provided by the municipalities participating in this program is very valuable and saves lives.

Resolution Background: 

The Province of Alberta, through Alberta Health Services, is responsible for providing ambulance service in Alberta. Previously, ambulance service was community based. Fire services remain a municipal responsibility. This separation between emergency services can pose a challenge to communities wanting to provide an integrated service in the times of greatest need.

The “Alberta Medical First Response Program” is a voluntary program which works towards closing this separation. Under this program, municipalities may voluntarily commit to providing emergency medical first response. There are five levels of service that can be provided by the participating municipalities which run the range from providing Standard First Aid up to and including Advance Life Support.

For participating in this program, municipalities are provided with access to equipment, training and other support through Alberta Health Services. Under the terms and conditions of the program any such support isn’t guaranteed. Currently, the monetary value of the support provided is $3,000 per Medical First Response agency per year. This provides things such as training and equipment. There is currently no direct monetary compensation provided by the Province to these volunteer agencies.

The program requires dedication from the participating municipalities in the form of reports and data submission and they must follow a number of protocols and procedures established by Alberta Health Services.

While many municipalities participate in the program as to do so can save lives and provide for a better level of care to patients than ambulance service alone (which can, at times be delayed due to call load or other reasons), providing this service places a burden on municipal resources both through responding to medical emergency calls as well as for filing the requisite documentation.

The City of Wetaskiwin has noted an inequity that exists in this program in that there is no monetary compensation provided to municipalities for providing this service. This is counterintuitive, we feel, as it discourages participation in the program, especially for the smaller municipalities of which there are many.

We believe that there should be monetary compensation provided by the Province for delivering this service and that the compensation should be full cost-recovery based. Not only will this put the service more in reach of municipalities of meager means but providing this compensation is simply fair and equitable as municipalities participating in this program are providing a service that is truly part of the Province’s mandate.

AUMA Notes: 
  • letter enclosing the resolution has been forwarded to the Minister responsible. Once AUMA receives a response, further action will be taken as required.
AUMA Comments: 
Waiting for government response