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Regional Trail Linkages Outside of Trans Canada Trail Network

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Resolution Category: 
Provincial Scope 14
Adopted with Amendments - Expired
Red Deer, City of
Active Clauses: 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Alberta Urban Municipalities request funding from the province for regional trail development along waterways and abandoned rail right of ways and other appropriate areas.

Whereas Clauses: 

WHEREAS there are opportunities for regional trail development which fall outside trail routes designated as Trans Canada Trail;

WHEREAS Trans Canada Trail funding is only available for sections of trails designated as Trans Canada Trail;

WHEREAS waterways and abandoned railways connect many of our communities and hold historical significance and heritage and environmental value; and

WHEREAS regional trail development along waterways and abandoned railways resolve safety issues regarding trail development along highway right of ways and provides for a more enjoyable trail connection.

Government Response: 

Nov 22, 2011 – Sustainable Resource Development

Regional Trail Linkages Outside of Trans Canada Trail Network, this resolution primarily pertains to Tourism, Parks and Recreation and Municipal Affairs. However, in a trail planning and mandate context, it relates to the ongoing delegate trail authority initiative in which Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) participates.

Opportunities and gaps related to outdoor recreation policy and services have been identified in initiatives such as the Land-use Framework, Active Alberta policy and the Plan for Parks.

The Government of Alberta (GoA) is currently exploring options for funding, managing and operating regional and provincial level trail systems on various land bases. This work is being undertaken to determine the potential for a delegated provincial trail authority.

Increasing the supply of quality, managed trails is anticipated to reduce undesirable impacts on public land as more recreationists are drawn to these desirable opportunities. The GoA acknowledges the benefits that trails bring to communities and Albertans.

As the Manager of public lands, SRD looks forward to working with Tourism, Parks and Recreation, municipalities and recreation organizations to realize the development of high quality, sustainable trail systems where roles and ongoing operational accountabilities are clearly identified and understood.

Aug 30, 2012 - Tourism, Parks and Recreation

The Ministry provides TrailNet with a small annual operating grant to support the development of trails in the province and has contracted specific recreation trail work to the organization because of its expertise. The Ministry is finalizing a Recreation Trails Act to introduce in the legislature.

AUMA Notes: 

AUMA considers this response.

AUMA Comments: 
Considers government response