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Venting of Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

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Resolution Category: 
Provincial Scope 15
Okotoks, Town of
Active Clauses: 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association request that the Government of Alberta implement revisions to the Alberta Building Code, 2006 Article Number 9.33.10 (Chimneys and Venting Equipment) to require all solid fuel burning appliances to be vented above roof line and prohibiting discharging of exhaust, fumes and smoke below roof line elevation of a dwelling unit.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT this code revision also apply to all existing installations

Whereas Clauses: 

WHEREAS pursuant to the provisions of section 7 of the Municipal Government Act, Statutes of Alberta, RSA 2000 and amendments thereto, municipalities may pass a bylaw for the purposes of ensuring the safety, health and welfare of people and protection of people and property;

WHEREAS in order to protect the health and safety of its residents, the Town of Okotoks passed a bylaw in 2009 to address the manner in which solid fuel burning appliances are vented within the limits of the Town of Okotoks so the exhaust, fumes and smoke do not cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties; and

WHEREAS the Town of Okotoks believes this issue is a health and safety concern affecting all Albertans.

AUMA Comments: 
Closed Resolution