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Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity

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Resolution Category: 
Policy Paper.3
Adopted - Active
Active Clauses: 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the AUMA 2009 General Assembly adopt the attached Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Policy and its targets and recommendations.

Whereas Clauses: 

WHEREAS supplying citizens and businesses a secure supply of water is fundamental to municipal sustainability: economic viability, environmental integrity, social and cultural vibrancy and good governance;

WHEREAS water is a finite resource;

WHEREAS water conservation has been selected as a high priority by AUMA members and is a strategic initiative of the AUMA Board of Directors;

WHEREAS AUMA members have provided extensive input towards the development of the AUMA’s Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity (CEP) Plan;

WHEREAS the targets and recommendations of the Plan are summarized in the companion Water CEP Policy; and

WHEREAS adoption of the Policy Paper would also mean that the CEP Plan is adopted.

Government Response: 

May 3, 2010 - Alberta Environment 

I commend the Association for being the first Alberta sector to complete a water conservation, efficiency and productivity plan. This plan demonstrates your commitment to Water for Life: Alberta’s Strategy for Sustainability. Municipal users have been identified by the Alberta Water Council as one of Alberta’s seven major water using sectors, and many Alberta municipalities are already making significant improvements in how they use water. I am pleased the Association’s members are actively sharing their experience with other sectors. Achieving the short-term targets outlined in the Association’s water conservation, efficiency and productivity plan will require continued leadership and dedicated action from your member municipalities.

Alberta Environment will continue to work with the Association to facilitate the use of our online water use reporting system, and improve the usefulness and accuracy of data. We will supply municipal water use reporting data annually, as you have requested. Alberta Environment will also continue to provide educational and technical resources on our website. Resources are available online at:

AUMA Notes: 

AUMA accepts this response.