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Business Services FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about our services:

Utility Services

Q: Why should you choose our energy program?

A: Our energy program offers numerous benefits to municipalities and not-for-profit organizations that are not available through individual procurement. Savings with in-house retailing and customer care, the flexibility of products and terms and the support from the political advocacy of the AUMA are just some of the reasons why choosing AMSC Energy as your retailer is a smart move. With your participation, your municipality’s community organizations can also utilize the program.

Q: How do we sign up?

Contact our Energy Retail team and learn more about our tailor-made, customer-focused and competitive offerings.

Q: What is the MCCAC?

A: The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) provides technical assistance and expertise to municipalities on increasing the energy efficiency of operations and improving community-wide conservation of greenhouse gases. Check out the MCCAC website

Employee Benefits

Q: How do I register to submit my health and/or dental claims online?

A:  Register at Sun Life or call 1-800-361-6212 if you need assistance.

Q:  How can I find out if a specific drug or service is covered?

A:  Call Sun Life at 1-800-361-6212 for details.

Q:  Who is AMSC’s providers for benefits?

A:  We partner with:

  • Sun Life Financial for health, dental, group life, accidental death & dismemberment, short and long term disability.
  • Shepell·fgi for the Employee Assistance Program.
  • Industrial Alliance Pacific for critical illness coverage.
  • VFIS for group accident & sickness.

Q: Why was my claim declined?

 A: Contact us so that we can help you to investigate the issue.

General Insurance

Q: Are Directors in a municipality covered under your insurance program?

A: Our General Liability insurance policy covers all employees of a municipality. Directors are also employees of a municipality so they are included in our insurance program. Directors in a municipality should not be confused with Directors of a Governing Board. AMSC also offer insurance products to cover Directors and Officers.

Q: How can we insure emergency vehicles for replacement cost?

A: We are able to insure emergency vehicles for replacement cost by adding the total limit to the Inland Marine schedule.

Q: Can you come out to talk to our board?

A: Yes, our consultants would be happy to present to your board about your insurance program.

Retirement Services

Q: Why does the APEX enrolment form request my LAPP years of service? Why is it important?

A: The APEX plan is supplementary to the LAPP pension plan and the LAPP service is used to calculate your reduction factor for your pension. It is important that you report your correct LAPP years of service to ensure that your member annual statement is correct in reporting the value of your benefit.

Q: What are my APEX retirement savings worth?

A: Refer to last year’s member annual statement that states your estimated lifetime monthly APEX pension benefit. It will also show the commuted value that you could have transferred out in your name had you terminated employment. If you would like another copy of your annual statement, contact us. To see your estimated APEX monthly lifetime pension, or the amount of funds that you may transfer out of APEX at a future date, try out the  APEX pension estimator.

Q: I will be retiring soon. What kind of information do you need to get my APEX pension started?

A. Your employer will provide us with a completed Notice of Termination form. Once we have it, we’ll process and send you a package outlining your benefit pension options. All of the information that you need to make a pension choice, as well as a list of required documents are included.

Investment Services

Q: What is MuniFunds? What different products and investment types are available?

A: MuniFunds provides Alberta municipalities access to professional investment management and custody/fund administrative services.

MuniFunds currently invests in the Money Market Fund (for investments up to 12 months or more).

Q:Why was MuniFunds created?

A: MuniFunds was created in response to requests from several for a low-cost aggregated investment program that would offer investment alternatives for reserve cash. MuniFunds investment regulation permits municipalities to invest in products, through MuniFunds, that are otherwise unavailable to them.

Q: How do we enrol?

A: Simply download the MuniFunds Enrolment Package. Once the package is complete, return two original copies to us; the agreement will be reviewed for approval and an original for your records returned to you.

We will then ensure your accounts are properly set up with the custodian. Arrangements for a first deposit are prepared between the municipality and the custodian.

Q: What makes MuniFunds different than my bank?

A: MuniFunds allow your municipality to realize stronger returns than you can get through a bank. MuniFunds lets you choose an investment product that best fits your investment circumstances, maximizing the return potential of your investments while minimizing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance. MuniFunds revenues are sent as a dividend to the AUMA to fund further advocacy activities on behalf of Alberta municipalities.

Q: Is my municipality too small / large to participate?

A: Municpalities of all sizes can invest in MuniFunds. Smaller municipalities benefit from being included in larger, more cost-effective market purchases. Larger municipalities benefit from the stronger returns and lower costs realized through aggregated investment purchases. This makes MuniFunds an attractive investment for all municipalities and eligible organizations. MuniFunds can be an appropriate investment vehicle for all municipalities and eligible organizations.

Q: What is the minimum investment?

A: The minimum investment in any single fund is $5,000. This limit also applies to redemptions.

Policy and Advocacy

Q: How does the AUMA’S policy and advocacy service help Alberta municipalities?

A: AUMA represents and tirelessly advocates the interests of municipalities to the provincial and federal governments, as well as to various business and community organizations. Our goal is to develop a strong partnership between all three orders of government, to achieve a shared vision of thriving municipalities. We engage in regular dialogue with federal and provincial ministers, and senior administration in order to profile municipal issues. We also produce MLA and MP newsletters that focus on priority issues and initiatives. Forums like the President’s Summit create opportunities for dialogue and collaboration with other organizations. Contact the Policy and Advocacy team

Q: How can municipalities raise policy issues and contribute to AUMA’s advocacy efforts?

A: We depend on members to influence and shape policy. We offer several resources for keeping you up to date on important issues and are constantly looking for input into the policy process. Our Weekly Digest, Twitter and Facebook updates will keep you connected and offer you access to free webinars, opportunities to attend meetings and events, and participate in valuable research.

Each year, we host a number of events where we look for feedback to help guide our advocacy efforts, including our Mayors’ Caucus and the AUMA Convention. We also encourage administrative and elected members to participate on committees focused on issues such as infrastructure, energy, governance, health and safety, social, and environmental policy. These committees help drive our solutions-based approach to addressing issues that matter to our membership.

Contact us to get started.

To have an even greater voice in the organization, we hold annual elections to our Board of Directors.

Lastly, to raise a policy issue, there are a number of options:

  • Bring forward a resolution
  • Bring forward a Request for Decision to Mayors’ Caucus
  • Send a letter to the AUMA board or contact your Board representative.

Q: In what ways does Policy and Advocacy help build capacity in municipalities?

A. In response to member feedback and input, we develop resources and toolkits, hosts webinars, and provides networking opportunities through various events (e.g. Mayors' Symposium, Mayors' Caucus, and the annual convention). We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for our members and we tailor our efforts to relevant, effective resources. Our toolkits cover a wide range of topics including: asset management plans, intermunicipal cooperation, water management, and business-friendliness in their communities.