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Retirement Services

Retirement products to suit the wide range of needs that members face—whether to enhance compensation packages or to encourage attraction and retention of the best qualified employees

APEX Supplementary Pension Plan

APEX provides public sector senior management, management and professional employees with an additional benefit that enhances the LAPP base pension payable up to the maximum registered pension plan benefit allowable by the Canada Revenue Agency. APEX adds an important component for your HR attraction and retention strategies. The employer designates classes of employees for participation.

Similar to LAPP, APEX has cost sharing by employers and eligible employees. Benefits are based on a pension formula taking into account salary and service. Participation by eligible employees is voluntary, but once employees enroll they remain in APEX until their employment terminates.

APEX was established on January 1, 2003 and is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and provincially, under the provisions of the Alberta Employment Pension Plans Act.

See how the APEX pension works: try the APEX Pension Estimator

APEX Update: APEX is being updated to make it more sustainable in the long-run and more equitable for all contributors. Learn more.


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MuniSERP is an option for senior managers, providing retirement benefits in excess of registered pension plan benefits allowable by the Canada Revenue Agency. Employees designated for participation by the employer must also be actively participating in both LAPP and the APEX Supplementary Pension Plan.

MuniSERP Employer Program and Administration Guide

MuniSERP Overview

Alberta Communities Pension Plan

The Alberta Communities Pension Plan (ACPP) has been created for employees of organizations (including municipalities, municipally-related and not-for-profit organizations) who do not participate in a public service pension plan.  Elected officials are also eligible for participating in this voluntary plan. Matching contributions set by the employer accumulate with investment earnings to provide retirement benefits at termination or retirement. The ACPP is the result of a working partnership with the much valued cooperation and generosity of the Alberta Federation of Gas Co-ops Ltd.


  • Participating employer matches member contributions
  • Payroll deduction
  • Plan Governance
  • Defined contribution plans provide employers cost certainty
  • Employers receive ongoing support, expertise and accessibility to AMSC Retirement Services staff
  • 24/7 Customer Service access
  • Registered pension plan governed by the Employment Pension Plans Act of Alberta and the Canada Revenue Agency


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Group RRSPs & Tax Free Savings Accounts

Designed to work for our members, our savings programs are built to serve your needs. 

We are dedicated to providing you with competitive and well-managed solutions to help reach retirement savings goals in a cost-effective manner. The ease and convenience of payroll deductions combined with low fund management fees, through Sun Life Financial, allow our members to develop their own plan design to fit the needs of their organization. 

Our Group RRSP and Tax Free Savings Account (TFSAs) offerings are available to all AUMA member employees. These offerings serve as a supplemental savings to existing programs or as a primary savings program for organizations that do not presently have a retirement savings program. Employers develop their own plan design and employer contributions are at the discretion of the employer.

To learn more, download our Savings programs fact sheet.


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