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Energy retail program

The AMSC Energy Program delivers the right product, the right partnership, and the right price to municipalities, community-related organizations and not-for-profit organizations in Alberta. The program provides stability, flexibility and expertise in procuring natural gas, electricity and green power products at true wholesale market prices.

With more than 15 years of experience in this field, this program will best serve the long-term needs of our valued clients and provides economies of scale to those who cannot access the wholesale market on their own. Our program is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of your organization. Highlights of the program include:

Right product

  • A variety of tailor-made, customer-focused and competitive energy products with terms from one to ten years.
  • Procurement options that allows for hedging future growth.
  • Compliant procurement processes

Right partnership

  • Expertise in customer care, energy management and energy market fundamentals.
  • A fully member-owned program which is closely governed by participants.
  • Supporting AUMA's advocacy efforts, AMSC Energy provides input into the franchise agreement, regulated distribution costs and participates in industry initiatives.

Right price

  • Reduce costs with in-house retailing and highly focused customer service with staff who understand municipalities and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Fully disclosed and transparent costs.
  • Eliminating the need for external consultants with in-house energy expertise.

Energy reports portal

Subscribers have the opportunity to learn how the AMSC Energy Reports system can support your financial reporting, invoice payment and energy management needs. The energy reports portal provides the following key features:

  • Access PDF copies or download spreadsheets showing your monthly invoice
  • Confirm that your invoice payment was successfully applied
  • Download or chart your electricity/gas consumption and costs
  • Obtain historical data
  • Account information
    • Account site list
    • Site information
    • Meter reads
    • Monthly management reports on power & gas
    • Invoiced charges and consumption
  • 24-hour web access
  • Secure and specific access to authorized users

Training is provided free of charge and can be customized to focus on data required by management/administration, finance, facilities, environmental/sustainability or many other areas within your organization.

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