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Disaster Forum 2018 One-Day Workshop

Protecting people, the environment, property and your reputation are your responsibilities in an emergency. The Incident Command System is used to manage emergencies. Many trained in ICS struggle with how to do just that. Generic ICS training teaches responders what to do but not necessarily HOW to do it. Limited time, money and expertise are all barriers to acquiring these important skills. YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO THE JOB, and  DISASTER FORUM HAS THE SOLUTION!

At the Disaster Forum workshop you will:

BUILD SKILLS - Responders from industry and government will learn HOW to perform in an emergency.

  • Breakout Option 1 - The PLANNING SECTION functions
  • Breakout Option 2 - Preparing INCIDENT ACTION PLANS

Led by Disaster Forum’s skilled facilitators, participants will learn HOW these ICS functions work in interactive learning experiences in Edmonton on October 23

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS – Your network will be enhanced when you meet your peers at these workshops. The person you meet in the workshop may be the person that you meet during an emergency.

BONUS: As added value, Disaster Forum is starting with opening addresses from people who have “been there and done that” and can speak from experience about responding to high profile emergencies:

  • Eric Newell, former Chair/CEO of Syncrude and emergency preparedness leader in Canada will welcome delegates to the Edmonton workshops. Newell was instrumental in the development of the Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada, an organization devoted to the furtherance of risk management and emergency preparedness in Canada. He also chaired the Premier’s Advisory Board that produced a report following the 2005 train derailment in Wabamun, AB. The report contains ten recommendations for improving emergency preparedness in Alberta.

SPONSORSHIP - Disaster Forum is a not for profit endeavor. Your support will help us bring these important events to you affordably. Consider investing in public safety through sponsorship of Disaster Forum. See for sponsorship opportunities.

For full details and to sign up go to: 

Contact DF by email at, or by phone at 780-907-3762.

Oct 23, 2018
Time of Event: 
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
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