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Municipalities invited to contribute on First Nations and Métis Settlements consultation policies

As part of the renewal process for The Government of Alberta’s Policy on Consultation with First Nations on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2013 and The Government of Alberta’s Policy on Consultation with Metis Settlements on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2015 and approaches to enhance capacity, Indigenous Relations is inviting  municipal representatives and organizations to attend an additional engagement session. This discussion will be focused on municipalities’ unique feedback and/or concerns regarding options to address the common policy issues discussed during the February 8 and 12 engagement sessions.

Feb 23, 2018
Time of Event: 
1:30 - 4:30 pm
Oxbridge Place, Room 701
To Register: 

Please RSVP to by February 16, 2018, to confirm your attendance in person or by call-in. Please limit your representation to one or two people if attending in person.

Why attend?

The policies guide how municipalities will consult with First Nations and Métis Settlements on development of land and natural resources that will impact their treaty rights and/or their traditional use of the land (e.g. hunting, fishing, trapping, cultural purposes such as burial grounds or gathering sites).

Municipal projects that could trigger a consultation may include water diversion projects, water distribution across First Nations or Métis Settlement land, road developments and other related projects. The government is also exploring issues such as the timelines for consultation, the mechanism to resolve disputes around the adequacy of consultation, and other policy issues to improve the framework for consultation of First Nations and Métis. AUMA has attended the past consultation meetings and has met with the Minister of Indigenous Relations to understand the proposed impacts on municipal governments.

More information about the policy renewal process can be found in this background document.


If you have questions about the February 23 meeting, please contact Mr. Greg Belyea, Manager, Engagement and Relationships, 780-643-1013 or

Any questions regarding the consultation policy renewal process in general can be directed to Mr. Godlove Suh, Manager, Consultation Policy and Program Evaluation, at 780-643-3889 or

For specific inquiries related to the Enhanced Consultation Capacity Initiative, please contact Mr. Adam Schneidmiller, Manager, Consultation Capacity, Training and Outreach, at 780-638-4580 or

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