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From providing tools that support economic vitality to developing cost savings programs, your bottom line is important to us. 

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Fundamentals of the Property Assessment System

Property assessment is the process of assigning a dollar value to a property for the purpose of taxation.

The Municipal Government Act defines property as a parcel of land, an improvement, or a parcel of land and an improvement to the land. An improvement is defined as a structure or items attached to a structure that would be transferred by a sale of the structure. Examples of an improvement may include a building, driveway, landscaping, manufactured home or machinery and equipment.

Who prepares assessments in Alberta?

Roles & Responsibilities

Alberta’s property assessment and taxation system is guided by a legislative framework under the Municipal Government Act and its supporting regulations. The system operates through the coordinated roles and responsibilities of the Government of Alberta and Alberta’s municipalities. 


Are you searching for information on high speed internet service?

AUMA has consistently advocated that the Province of Alberta address the critical lack of dependable and affordable high speed broadband internet service. We have recognized the crucial role connectivity plays in the sustainability and welfare of our members’ communities and we continue to urge the provincial government to assist municipalities in finding cost-effective and reliable service solutions.

Business Attraction

Business Attraction: are you ready to attract a new enterprise or industry to your municipality, or looking to retain existing businesses? 


Business Vitality Alberta (BVA) 
BVA is an easy-to-use tool designed to help you maximize your community’s business and economic vitality. BVA shows you how to solidly build a healthy community, support entrepreneurs, and foster small business growth.


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