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Through managing our water and waste, and funding renewable energy, we support healthy and clean communities. 

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Brownfield Regulations

Who regulates brownfields?

In Alberta, brownfields are primarily governed by provincial regulations. The federal government has generally refrained from regulating brownfields except in relation to federally owned (Crown) land. Municipalities have the ability to adopt bylaws related to brownfields.



Federal Government

Redeveloping Brownfields

To what does redevelopment refer?

Redevelopment options vary as much as brownfield types. Redevelopment opportunities depend on factors such as the type and extent of contamination, the land’s location and value, and the ability of the property owner, potential developer and municipality to agree on a vision for the site and receive the required provincial approvals.

About Brownfields

What are brownfields?

According to amendments to the Municipal Government Act passed in 2016 a brownfield is a commercial or industrial property which is, or possibly is, contaminated; is vacant, derelict or under-utilized; and is suitable for development or redevelopment for the general benefit of the municipality.

Former gas station in the Town of Vegreville


More than 1,700 brownfields sit abandoned on main streets and in neighborhoods in almost every municipality across Alberta. These properties blight our landscapes, contaminate surrounding land and water, and are barriers to economic and social development.  


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