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From advocating on evolving legislation to well-managed boards, we take a structured and strategic approach to change.

​Scroll through the categories below to learn more about our Goverance-related Programs & Initiatives. 

Rural/urban cost sharing

AUMA and AAMDC developed the cost sharing toolkit based on the Rural/Urban Cost-sharing Task Force Report entitled Cost-sharing for success: a pro-active approach.

Although the cost-sharing report and tool kit has limitations, we believe that the principles, practices and resources it contains will improve the potential for success in municipal cost-sharing agreements.

What is municipal government?

An overview of municipal government

According to Alberta’s Municipal Government Act, the purposes of municipal government in Alberta are to: provide good government, provide services, facilities or other things that are necessary or desirable and develop and maintain safe and viable communities.

Citizen Engagement toolkit & Social Media resource guide

Based on member demand, AUMA and AAMDC have created a new Citizen Engagement toolkit and a Social Media resource guide.

The purpose of these tools is to provide you with some practical advice and tools to support effective citizen engagement. They have been developed to be applicable to elected officials and municipal administration, and are relevant for municipalities of all sizes, geographic locations and demographics.


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