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From advocating on evolving legislation to well-managed boards, we take a structured and strategic approach to change.

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Elected officials expenses disclosure toolkit

The new Elected Officials Expenses Disclosure Toolkit was developed after AUMA members requested that AUMA provide a resource guide to help disclose elected officials’ expenses. It was created through consultations with members to determine the current practice, level of interest, and needs of Alberta’s diverse municipalities. The toolkit includes best practices from diverse governmental and quasi-governmental organizations from within Alberta and across the country.

The toolkit includes:

Enterprise risk management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a process for identifying and evaluating risks so that risks can be effectively mitigated and monitored. ERM helps measure and prioritize risk mitigation as an interrelated system, rather than looking at risks in silos.

ERM is beneficial in helping municipalities make strategic decisions that can help save time and money, reduce risk over time, assist in knowledge transfer to new employees or councillors, and reduce legal liability.

20 questions municipal councillors should ask about...

Governing bodies in the public sector are being asked more and more to account for both their conduct and the outcomes being achieved. Good governance is the foundation which allows public bodies to meet this expectation. At its most basic, good governance for municipal governments means doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people, in a timely, inclusive, open, honest and accountable manner.


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