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Sheriffs are sworn peace officers under the Alberta Peace Officer Act, and they perform a wide range of activities in concert with other law enforcement and policing partners in Alberta. The Alberta Sheriff Highway Patrol has specific responsibility for traffic enforcement and Sheriffs have authority to enforce traffic-related provincial laws, as well as Liquor and Gaming Regulations.

Police officers

Police officers are appointed according to the Police Act, or are members of the RCMP. They are responsible for enforcing federal, provincial, and municipal laws; protecting life and property; preventing crime; and keeping the peace. They have a broad range of duties and roles, of which law enforcement is the major role. Police officers investigate occurrences, arrest offenders, and bring them before the criminal justice system.


The RCMP's mandate, as outlined in Section 18 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act, is multi-faceted and includes preventing and investigating crime; maintaining peace and order; enforcing laws; contributing to national security; ensuring the safety of state officials, visiting dignitaries and foreign missions; and providing vital operational support services to other police and law enforcement agencies within Canada and abroad.

Indigenous policing services

The RCMP provides policing services to most of Alberta’s Indigenous communities. However, 18 Indigenous communities in Alberta have made other policing arrangements through agreements with the Alberta and federal governments. The Police Act allows the Minister to exempt any area from all or any provision of the Act and make other arrangements for policing.

Urban municipalities with populations of 5,000 or less

Under the Police Act, the Alberta government is responsible for providing police services for those municipalities with populations of 5,000 or less, and to all municipal districts and counties, at no direct cost to them. The province meets this obligation by contracting for the services of the RCMP to deliver police services to these municipalities, through the Provincial Police Service Agreement (PPSA), signed between the Alberta and federal governments.

Additional Resources

Land use planning webinar series 

AUMA has partnered with the Land Use Secretariat to host a land use planning webinar series to provide the opportunity for municipalities to learn more about and discuss the Land Use Framework and related policies and strategies. Information on upcoming webinars is available on AUMA’s events page.


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