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Director, Benefit Services

Job Type: 
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA)
Job Description : 

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) was founded in 1905 and today represents urban municipalities including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities and more than 85% of Albertans. It is a dynamic and evolving association, advocating the interests of members to the provincial and federal orders of government and other stakeholders. 

AUMA provides leadership in advocating local government interests to the Provincial Government and other organizations, and provides services that address the needs of its membership. To contribute to achieving those objectives, staff demonstrate professional, positive attitudes in their interactions with government officials, members, customers, and Board and Committee members.

The AUMA attracts and retains competent, effective and dedicated employees and assists employees in developing and refining the skills and competence required to achieve the objectives of AUMA. Relations between employees and managers are open and direct, leading to an excellent work environment, clear communications, and a positive attitude.

AMSC is wholly owned subsidiary of AUMA and provides business services to our members across Alberta. These services are critical to the operation of the municipalities that we serve and the initiatives that we are putting in place ensure that the services are sustainable.

The Director, Benefit Services reports to the Senior Director, Benefits Services. This position plays a key role by representing the Alberta Municipal Service Corporation’s (AMSC) portfolio of benefit services to existing and new customers with three primary objectives: client relationship management (focus on retention), outstanding service delivery (including claims management and wellness), and program health and sustainability. This is achieved through developing strong client relationships, resolving issues, reviewing the program, monitoring trends, and identifying gaps where AMSC services can provide key enhancements.

Position Term

Full Time, Permanent

Education and Skills

  • A post-secondary education in Business Administration or another related discipline. Master’s degree would be an asset.


  • Minimum 10 years of progressive experience in the benefits field, with at least 5 years working in customer engagement and/or group benefits sales.
  • Special consideration given to those with experience in a government/association field or disability and wellness programs.
  • Proven track record in claims management, wellness programs, customer relationship management, and service delivery.
  • Direct experience in managing employee benefits programs, including claim management and wellness.
  • Public speaking experience with both large and small groups.

Skills and Attributes

  • Understanding of the benefits of delivering shared services.
  • A solid, dynamic communicator with the ability to establish relationships with staff, elected officials, municipal government staff, and relevant provincial government officials.
  • Familiar with the legislation and related processes and procedures governing the delivery of benefits services.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to lead, coach, and motivate others involved in service delivery.
  • Will fit within an open management style environment.
  • Has the ability to manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced and changing environment.
  • Has an open and honest communication style.
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Resourceful and sources out possibilities; develops new ideas and moves them forward.
  • Embraces the team culture and involves other members of the team as necessary.
  • Is creative and takes advantage of opportunities, while recognizing the necessity of working within limited resources.
  • Continuously seeks to stay current and be at the leading edge in his/her field.
  • Understands organizational challenges and is a progressive “idea person”.
  • Committed to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement in the workplace.
  • Encourages others to achieve personal excellence.


  • Develop and maintain effective ongoing relationships with benefits program participants (Municipal Managers) though continuous communications face to face and through other channels.
  • Work with vendors and clients to review disability trends, claims trends, and employee wellness programs and recommend strategies for effective program management.
  • Continuously review opportunities to assist clients promoting and improving employee wellness.
  • Work with peers, vendors, and other key stakeholders to deliver outstanding service and maintain excellent customer intelligence.
  • Develop, with the assistance of the branch staff and peers, outstanding service and enquiry response targets that will provide program participants with a level of service that meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with peers and staff to ensure that AUMA/AMSC members receive a consistent approach to all service issues.
  • Provide staff with access to appropriate training and tools to ensure that timely, accurate, and pre-emptive service can be provided to clients within the time constraints of a normal business day.
  • Ensure an ongoing training program to ensure that all staff are fully knowledgeable about privacy requirements and legislation.
  • Work closely with service partners to ensure SLAs are met and contracts are regularly reviewed as required.
  • Provide recommendations to the Sr. Director regarding the Benefits Operations, including claims management and employee wellness. Make adjustments and enhancements to ensure a competitive service offering while maintaining a healthy and sustainable aggregate program.
  • Provide recommendations to Sr. Director to modify internal and external processes to maximize efficiency and service delivery.
  • Monitor the work flow of the unit to ensure that adequate staffing is in place to meet service and enquiry response targets.
  • Work with Client Development and key stakeholders to uncover and respond effectively and in timely manner to relevant RFPs and information requests for quotations.
  • Responsible for the delivery of pricing and all customer or potential customer sales presentations.
  • Participate in Customer Advisory Groups that are held bi-annually and ensure that the content and delivery maintain positive assessments.
  • Play a key role in delivering the HR Conference.
  • Ensure that service standards for the area are met.
  • Assist with the annual renewal process.

Claims Management

  • Maintain, directly or through a third party service provider, a measurable, efficient, and effective claims management process.
  • Regularly assess activity within the claims management process identifying trends and emerging issues and opportunities to improve service to program participants.
  • Assist Clients in effectively managing claims and focusing on Employee wellness.

Information System Development and Management

  • Develop and maintain, directly or through a third party service provider, the confidential and flexible information systems needed to support all aspects of the benefits program.
  • Ensure alignment of benefits program information systems with the long term information management and service delivery strategies of the AUMA/AMSC.
  • Ensure efficient and effective use of the information system to provide appropriate management and governance reporting.

Financial Management Practices and Processes

  • Develop and maintain the financial management and reporting processes needed to ensure the fiscal integrity of the benefits program.
  • Create and manage a comprehensive and accurate reporting system that ensures the Sr. Directors has the metrics and information to keep the Sr. Director and Executive Officer fully informed of all financial dimensions of benefits service delivery.
  • Ensure that all relevant external agencies receive the information they need, in a format and within time frames acceptable to them.
  • Manage the annual financial cycle of the benefits program, including review and assessment of experience, recommendations for rate and coverage adjustments, recommendations to the Sr. Director and  Executive Officer, communication of changes and underlying reasons; to program participants and AUMA/AMSC members where appropriate.

Other Responsibilities

  • Providing advice and background for communicating to members.
  • Contributing to the development/updating of the area’s operational plan and the annual business plan for the AUMA/AMSC.
  • Reporting regularly to the Sr. Director.
  • Acknowledge the skills of each member of the team and support the use of those skills in order to provide responsive and successful service to members.
  • Meet regularly with the other Directors to ensure appropriate coordination of unit knowledge and activities.
  • Meet regularly with department staff to discuss operations and work with them to make improvements in process and procedures as required.
  • Responsible to pull together the regular customer communication material.
  • Mentorship and succession planning.

Work Conditions

  • This position requires some travel, largely within the province, some of which is overnight. This is largely scheduled and known well in advance.
Closing Date: 
May 17, 2019
Application Return: 

To apply for this position, please submit your resume with cover letter to Jeff Simpson, Senior Director, Human Resources at jsimpson@auma.ca

Selection of people to perform this position is based on matching their knowledge, skills, competencies, and behaviours to the work to be performed so that the best qualified candidates are chosen. AUMA is committed to employment practices that are unbiased with regard to equal opportunity of employment. AUMA makes every effort to be in compliance with the Alberta Human Rights Legislation.