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Director of Finance

Job Type: 
Management / Administration
Municipality of Crowsnest Pass
Job Description : 

Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer, the Director of Finance is a senior administrative team member responsible for the professional leadership and strategic management of key functions including Finance, Information Technology, and Administrative Services.



  • Assist and strategically support the Chief Administrative Officer and Administrative Team in all matters relating to the operations of the Municipality in accordance with legislation and established policies and practices.
  • Responsible for establishing the department business plan and facilitating departmental goals and actions that compliment and support the Municipal Mission and Vision.
  • Provides personnel leadership of the Finance Department including hiring, promoting, succession planning, goal setting, information sharing, training and performance evaluation.
  • Directly supervises the work and activities undertaken by consulting and contract service providers for the Finance Department.
  • Responsible to build and foster lasting relationships with other departments, key business partners, and government agencies.


  • Develop and implement appropriate financial systems, policies, practices and controls to ensure the prudent management and timely reporting of all municipal funding and disbursements.
  • Direct the development and implementation of the 3-year budget process and assist departments with the development of capital and operating plans relative to 3-year budgeting.
  • Analyze and provide strategic recommendations regarding financial reports relative to budget variance and financial forecasting.
  • Management of treasury functions relating to cash flows, investments, debt, and reserves in accordance with established policies and practices.
  • Responsible for the presentation of financial statements and variance reports to Council as required.
  • Facilitate the year-end financial audit process including actuarial reporting.
  • Facilitate and collaborate with other departments on the application and reporting of grant programs.
  • Acts as a signing officer for the Municipality.
  • Responsible for the procurement of banking, auditing, assessment and actuarial services.
  • Responsible for the integrated services of warehouse operations and inventory management.

Information Technology and Communications Systems:

  • Develop strategic goals and actions to allow the Municipality to operate and communicate internally and externally efficiently and effectively through its technical and communication systems.
  • Coordinate with all departments to facilitate technology as a means to fully integrate all Municipal operations and communications.
  • Responsible for the procurement of service delivery for information technology and communication systems.

Legislative and Administrative Services:

  • Develop strategic goals and actions in conjunction with Corporate Services relating to document management of Finance Department documents including archiving, retention, search capacities, standardization, security and integrity.
  • Facilitate the preparation of all legislative and statutory advertising and coordinate general advertising required by the Finance Department.
  • Develop financial processes to support the Risk Management Program and to mitigate Municipal risk.
  • Develop financial processes to support Emergency Management and disaster recovery in the event of a state of local emergency.


  1. Leadership Skills:  Provides leadership while giving guidance and support. Mentors and is a positive role model who has the ability to communicate potential opportunities to departments while empowering staff and incorporating the views of others.
  2. Management Skills:  A proven record of being able to motivate, plan, direct and evaluate people and activities of a broad based municipal organization. The ability to manage effectively while maintaining a friendly approachable attitude.
  3. Financial Management:  Leads with a strong sense of service delivery while integrating financial planning, budgeting, and management reporting.
  4. Communication Skills:  A clear, concise and positive communicator who is able to build trust through presenting ideas clearly while effectively listening to others. Demonstrates a strong ability to work effectively within a public sector environment and is politically astute.
  5. Flexible and Adaptive:  The ability to demonstrate flexibility and openness to changes in work, personnel or team responsibilities or portfolios.
  6. People Person:  An integral part of a professional team with high ethical standards and an honest, consistent style of working co-operatively with others. The ability to work and lead in a professional manner while also allowing for creativity within the workplace.
  7. Contract Management:  A confident systems management approach to alternative program and service delivery styles including contract negotiation, management and quality service evaluation.
  8. Organizational Skills:  Able to simplify often complex administrative and service matters, an ability to separate important issues and prioritize work initiatives.
  9. Pragmatic Decision-Maker:  Believes in involving people in processes to establish priorities and show sensitivity to changing approaches. Show strong common sense and intuitive judgment abilities.
  10. Conflict Resolution: Able to develop proactive solutions through the use of interest based negotiations demonstrating strong conflict resolution skills.


The position requires the following minimum qualifications:

  • Post-secondary degree in Business Administration and Finance.
  • Professional accounting designation (CPA).
  • A minimum of five years of experience in a management capacity relating to finance and management.
  • Competent working knowledge of financial reporting, controls and experience in an accounting environment at a professional level.
  • Competent working knowledge and proficiency of compatible computer systems/software such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics/Diamond software systems.
  • Competent working knowledge of financial systems including property tax and assessment, utility structures, cash flow, debt, investment, risk management and insurance.
  • Municipal experience including competent working knowledge of bylaws, regulations and legislation would be an asset.
  • Management experience in a unionized environment would be an asset.
Closing Date: 
June 18, 2019
Application Return: 

The competition is open from May 21 - June 18, 2019.

Apply before June 18, 2019 via email to:

Kristin Ivey, Manager of Corporate Services