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General Manager, Corporate Services

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Management / Administration
City of Wetaskiwin
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The City of Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin is a dynamic and growing city of approximately 12,600 people and it is known for its many green spaces, rich history, celebrated events and overall high quality of life for residents. Even more recently, however, the City of Wetaskiwin has come to be known for its accessibility, transparency and creative community outreach. Located only 35 minutes south of Edmonton and 55 minutes north of Red Deer, the City of Wetaskiwin provides all of the amenities and quality of life of an urban-rural center.

General Manager of Corporate Services

Reporting to the City Manager, this position is responsible for outcomes of the following corporate wide service areas and activities: providing strategic leadership for the Corporate Support Division including Finance, Information Technology, Records Management, Taxation, Assessment, Risk and Insurance, and Facility Maintenance. Develops and oversees the implementation of short- and long-term plans within the City’s strategic plan; provides advice, in area of specialization to City Management and to Council; and provides leadership and direction to managers and employees within their department.


  • Provide senior leadership to the Division in the context of support to all corporate departments in support of community vision, strategic direction, corporate priorities, financial/human resources & governing legislation. 
  • Work with senior leadership to provide common direction & integrated service delivery in support of client departments, based on City policy.
  • Provide advice to City Manager and Elected Officials in the establishment of strategic objectives, policies, and programs for the delivery of corporate services.
  • Ensure effective, efficient and equitable management and stewardship of financial resources (capital and annual budgets), human resources and assets allocated to the Corporate Services Division.
  • Fulfill the financial and other duties of a Treasurer, including planning the financial future of the City and ensuring City assets are protected and its short and long-term financial viability is not compromised.
  • Foster positive and responsible working relationships with client departments and where necessary other government agencies, community organizations and residents.
  • Ensure divisional departments respond in an effective and timely manner to Council inquiries and complex or controversial community issues.
  • Ensure quality of decisions, integrity of actions, timeliness and efficiency of work through effective management, presentations, meetings and client working relationships with Council, City administration, the community and business leaders.
  • Cultivate a shared understanding of corporate goals by fostering teamwork, employee empowerment, involvement & accountability.  Provide visionary leadership that is consultative and responsive, demonstrates open communication and practices fairness.
  • Develop objectives for direct reports with setting annual goals. Set annual performance expectations for direct reports. Supervise activities of direct report. Provide on-going job performance feedback, mentoring and coaching to direct report.
  • Identify and support learning and development opportunities that enhance organizational effectiveness and aligns with the City’s strategic plan
  • Adhere to applicable responsibilities and accountabilities as outlined in the City of Wetaskiwin Health and Safety Management System.
  • Actively participate in the City Emergency Management program and procedures.
  • Required attendance at Council or committee meetings, public events and industry functions which are outside and in addition to normal office hours.
  • Participate in a rotational process to be Deputy City Manager for 1/3 of the year.


  • Post-secondary degree with an accounting designation (CMA, CGA, CA, CPA) supplemented with extensive management and/or leadership training.
  • Enrollment or completion of the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration Program is desired
  • Eight to ten years of administrative leadership experience at a senior level.


General Manager, Corporate Services will have extensive knowledge of the municipal environment including risk management, liability concerns and working knowledge of public accounting practices, related federal and provincial legislation and local government practices. Among other attributes, the following will be important:

  • Leadership Skills – Demonstrates a progressive leadership style while also giving guidance and support; a mentor and positive role model; has the ability to communicate potential opportunities to his/her team while empowering staff and incorporating the views of others; uses a practical and common sense approach. Creates an environment conducive to individual staff development, team achievement, productivity and professionalism. Can assume City Manager responsibilities in the absence of City Manager.
  • Communication—An open, honest and straightforward style with all audiences; demonstrates candor and respect to all and is prepared to delegate responsibility and accountability. Demonstrated ability to communicate ideas, project and process concepts, both orally and in writing, with ease and clarity.
  • Integrity & Trust—Possesses impeccable integrity and ethics. Respectful of others and respected by peers. Honest, sincere, dependable, authentic, and trustworthy. Committed to the City’s values, vision, and mission and acts as a role model. Displays stamina and energy. Committed to personal growth and development for self and others.
  • Interpersonal Skills—Able to effectively build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders (vendors, contractors, builders and business community). Patient and resilient—embraces challenges while accepting the reality of obstacles. Is flexible and adaptable; works comfortably with individuals, teams, and larger committees. Has a positive outlook and a sense of humor. Is diplomatic and emotionally mature; possesses well-developed negotiation skills—able to resolve conflict and facilitate negotiations with tact and diplomacy.
  • Management Skills—Demonstrates a progressive management style, engaging staff to bring forth new ideas and new approaches to solve challenges more effectively and create a better integrated work team.
  • Customer Service—Demonstrates and demands a high-level of customer service, ensures customer needs are identified and timely addressed, and ensures respectful consultation with all citizens in the development of quality service.
  • Financial Management — A proven ability to work in a complex fiscal environment of growth and lead with a strong sense of service. Timely, efficient, and transparent in all budgeting, financing and information reporting.
  • A Professional—Acts as an integral part of a leadership team and displays a “first amongst equals” style with high ethical standards and an honest, open-minded and consistent approach to working with staff and citizens.
  • Self-Confidence—Possesses confidence in own skills and abilities; able to make difficult decisions and stand by them and demonstrate a positive attitude.
  • Planning & Organizing—Can marshal resources to get things done; uses resources effectively and efficiently; sets clear expectations; designs practical processes and procedures; ensures accountability through the implementation of a workable performance management system.
  • Politically Astute—Knows and understands legislative and regulatory processes and has an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions; prepared to guide and mentor council with solid and informed recommendations.
Closing Date: 
February 7, 2021
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Close Date: February 7, 2020

Email:  hr@wetaskiwin.ca