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Water-Wastewater Operator

Job Type: 
Technologists / Technicians
Town of Coronation
Job Description : 

Water/Wastewater Operator

Public Works Foreman


The Water/Wastewater Operator performs a variety of semi-skilled and skilled technical and maintenance work in the operation, maintenance and repair of the facilities, equipment and operating systems related to the Water Distribution System, in providing safe, clean drinking water and the Sewage Collection and Treatment system and ancillary facilities, for the purpose of environmental protection and public health of the Town, all in accordance with federal, provincial and municipal regulations.


Works under the general supervision of the Public Works Foreman.


This position is required to work a minimum of 40-hour workweek as specified by the terms and conditions of the employment agreement.  Must be prepared to work overtime if called upon to do so by the Public Works Foreman.  Must be ready to assume on-call duties on weekends as assigned by the Public Works Foreman.


  1. Control and coordinate water distribution system operations, including:
    1. daily measurement of water flow, pressure and reservoir depth
    2. prepare weekly water samples for analysis
    3. flush main lines on an annual basis
    4. repair water main breaks and service valves as required
    5. ensure that the water reservoir is in good repair
    6. prepare a water distribution system reports
  2. Control and coordinate wastewater treatment system operations, including:
    1. annual flushing of main system lines
    2. checking utility holes for blockages and debris
    3. repair main lines and service breaks as required
    4. monitor effluent levels at lagoons
    5. perform sludge maintenance tasks at the lagoon
    6. discharge lagoons to a neighbouring creek on an annual basis – test effluent before discharging
  3. Operate maintenance vehicles/equipment such as tractor, backhoe, grader, trucks, riding grass cutters, etc.
  4. Responsible to complete other assigned duties, which may include:
    1. Grass cutting
    2. Street sweeping
    3. Snow removal
    4. Street sanding when ice conditions exist
    5. Gravel hauling
    6. Sign repairs and installation
    7. Street tarring and patching
    8. Painting street markings
    9. Sidewalk maintenance, repair and installation
  5. Assist with Fire Hydrant flushing
  6. Water and trim trees as required
  7. Perform woodworking tasks, including the building of garbage bins, picnic tables and other small structures.
  8. Attend safety-related courses and workshops as directed.
  9. Observe safety rules and report hazards to the Public Works Foreman.
  10. Operate power and hand tools in repair work, such as wrenches, shovels, rakes, power saws, and related equipment.
  11. Perform minor equipment and vehicle maintenance inspections such as greasing fittings, checking oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and water.
  12. Perform other related work as assigned by the Public Works Foreman


  • Ability to use and operate construction equipment such as tractor, grader, backhoe, trucks, mowing machines, and other maintenance equipment.
  • Ability to communicate accurately and effectively with other Town employees and the general public.
  • Ability to perform manual labour duties for extended periods of time, often under adverse weather conditions.
  • Knowledge of safe work practices.
  • Ability to work independently in the absence of supervision.


  • Wastewater Collection Class, I Certificate
  • Wastewater Treatment Class, I Certificate
  • Minimum Class 5 Drivers License with Air Endorsement
  • Valid First Aid Certificate
  • Confined Space Entry Certificate
  • Ability to undertake new certification as required
Closing Date: 
February 20, 2020
Application Return: 

Send applications marked *“Water/Wastewater Operator Application”* to: 

Quinton Flint
Town of Coronation
Box 219
Coronation, Alberta T0C 1C0

Or fax: 403-578-3020
Or e-mail: admin@town.coronation.ab.ca