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“What We Heard” Sand and Gravel Report Released

November 8, 2017

The Government of Alberta has recently released the Stakeholder Feedback Summary Report on the Sand and Gravel Program review.

Province-wide consultations occurred in January and February of 2017, where government sought feedback on topics such as:

  • implementation guidance for the Surface Water Body Aggregate Policy;
  • fish and wildlife considerations; and,
  • reporting and reclamation requirements.

Prominent themes that emerged as a result of the consultation included:

  • a transparent, and scientifically defensible decision-making process;
  • clarity on what applies to public land versus private land;
  • provincial support for comprehensive floodplain mapping;
  • ongoing conversations with Alberta Environment and Parks to improve programing; and,
  • a broader discussion than what occurred at these consultations.

These themes reflect concerns raised by AUMA and our members.  AUMA will continue to advocate for improvements to the sand and gravel programs that ensure the environment is protected while maintaining access to this vital resource infrastructure projects.

Although no changes have been brought forward as a result of this consultation, the department is continuing to develop recommendations. AUMA will stay involved in any future work relating to the betterment of the Sand and Gravel Program.