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2019 Resolutions Guide and template available

January 30, 2019

If your municipality is thinking of sponsoring a resolution for AUMA’s 2019 Convention, check out AUMA’s 2019 Resolutions Guide and Template for tips and timelines.

While the May 31 deadline for submitting a resolution may seem a long way off, the process involved in conducting research, drafting a clear and concise resolution and seeking council’s endorsement takes time. In addition, municipalities are encouraged to reach out to AUMA staff and/or submit resolutions early so we can assist in ensuring the resolution meets the criteria set out in our resolutions policy.

Thank you to all the members who completed the 2019 Purpose of Resolutions Survey.  We are currently analyzing results and will release a “what we heard” report soon. The results will be used to inform enhancements to AUMA’s resolution process and policy.