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AAMDC joins call for modernized recycling regulations

July 19, 2017

AAMDC has joined AUMA in encouraging its members to join our letter writing campaign calling for MLAs to champion required changes to Alberta’s recycling regulations.

These regulations have inhibited the ability of Alberta’s existing recycling programs that manage used oil, paint, tires and electronics to expand as new products enter the market and to cover the costs of processing this material. The existing regulatory regime has also stalled the development of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs in Alberta. EPR is an environmental policy approach that shifts the responsibility and financial burden of dealing with products at the end of their lives from municipalities to manufacturers/importers and consumers in line with the “Polluter Pays Principle.” 

Have you sent your letter?

AUMA has developed a letter template that municipalities can download and adapt to send to their MLAs outlining the need for provincial action to improve waste management in Alberta. A background document is available for further information. You can also learn more about how many urban and rural municipalities have partnered on regional waste management initiatives on AUMA’s Waste Management Hub.