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Alberta Human Rights Act amended to add age as a prohibited ground of discrimination

December 20, 2017

Bill 23, Alberta Human Rights Amendment Act, 2017, was passed on November 14, 2017, to protect Albertans from age discrimination in the area of goods, services, and accommodation of facilities that are customarily available to the public, and prohibits discrimination regarding tenancy.

The bill comes into effect on January 1, 2018. The new change will restrict rental buildings from having age limits unless they meet criteria for seniors-only (55+) housing. Condominiums with existing age restrictions, with the exception of seniors housing, will have 15 years to transition to align with the Alberta Human Rights Act. Programs that provide benefits to minors and seniors, such as discounted prices, can continue without violating the Act.

Visit the Alberta Human Rights Commission website for more information on the changes to the Act