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Alberta Municipalities are Ready for Her

June 22, 2017

AUMA and FCM are providing supports to attract and retain female municipal elected officials as part of our goal to reach the UN target of 30 per cent female participation.  While some progress was made in 2013, the 2017 municipal election is a key opportunity to meet or exceed this target.

AUMA has been pleased to work with Alberta’s Status of Women ministry on the Ready for Her program.  Most recently, AUMA President Lisa Holmes participated in a news conference for as an opportunity to profile the need for female candidates in small and rural areas in particular. 

Communities are Ready for Her, and AUMA is ready to support you in profiling a career as a municipal elected official with tips for running for office. What are you doing in your communities to encourage more women to run in this year's election? Join the discussion on our Facebook page.  Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for funding to host a local event in your community.

Upcoming events and information:

Funding to support campaigning tips for female candidates in the municipal election

Opportunity for female candidates to learn about fundraising