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Alberta Water Council: working group members needed to help improve resilience to drought

August 14, 2019

Alberta Water Council (AWC) is seeking members to serve on the latest working group on improving resilience in Alberta through a drought simulation. The deadline to apply is September 6, 2019.

The Government of Alberta is working on a provincial drought response plan that will outline management and communication actions during a drought. The main purpose of the working group is to scope out the terms of reference for the project team to execute a drought simulation.

Drought simulation is a great opportunity to inform and shape the provincial drought response plan. The drought simulation will test (in a workshop environment) a proposed drought management structure, communications channels, tools, and resources. It will provide feedback to the provincial government and other key groups on what went well, what did not, and what is missing and requires improvement when it comes to responding to a drought scenario in Alberta. You can find more information about this opportunity here.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity, please contact Che-Wei Chung, Director of Advocacy and Policy, at or 780-431-4531.