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Are you ready to vote on resolutions at this year’s convention?

November 2, 2017

Each year AUMA members sponsor resolutions for debate at Convention on topics of concern affecting municipalities at a regional or provincial level.  The resolutions seek action by the AUMA, often involving advocacy to the provincial and federal governments.

Where do I find the resolutions?

A full list and details on all the resolutions to be debated at this year’s convention are available online, including a newly-added extraordinary resolution sponsored by the City of Red Deer on hospital expansion.  The resolutions will also be provided in hard copy as part of the convention guide, which is provided to each delegate when they resister onsite at convention. 

Who can vote on the resolutions?

Every elected official from a regular member municipality (city, town, village, summer village and specialized) is eligible to vote during the resolutions sessions, which will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 22 and the morning of Friday, November 24. 

Do I have to vote with the rest of my council?

Councils are encouraged to review and discuss the resolutions and what they may mean to your municipality ahead of convention.  However, councils are not expected to vote as a block. 

What happens after we vote on the resolutions?

Resolutions adopted at convention are reviewed by one of AUMA’s Committees, compiled by subject area and submitted to relevant Ministers or other organizations for response.  The standing committees may recommend further advocacy, such as meetings or campaigns, depending on the response received.

Stay tuned to next week’s Digest for further details on how the Resolutions Sessions will be run and opportunities for you and your municipality to contribute to the debate.