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AUMA launches “Strong Communities Build Alberta” campaign for provincial election 

March 20, 2019

Getting municipal issues front and centre of the election candidates is of primary importance for AUMA. The three issues AUMA wants addressed by provincial candidates areequitable infrastructure funding; a fair share of cannabis revenue; and improved resources for policing services.  

“These topics should not be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention as AUMA has been advocating on these issues for quite some time,” says Barry Morishita, AUMA president. “Municipalities need equitable funding for infrastructure. The City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton have received a long-term funding agreement linked to provincial revenues, now is the time for the rest of Alberta municipalities to get the same type of deal. We also need a commitment for our fair share of cannabis revenue, and we need a new funding model to improve resources for police services.”  

AUMA noted that, while it has several activities planned over the next four weeks, the primary focus of the campaign is engaging municipalities to add their voice to the conversation. 

“The provincial election is an opportunity to unify our municipal voices so political parties across the spectrum will understand that it is strong communities that build Alberta,” says Morishita. “We are providing our members with tools and resources to help get the three key issues in front of the candidates in their riding and help them understand how important it is to get a commitment to resolve these issues - sooner than later.”  

While the parties will be campaigning on what they will do for the province, President Morishita wants to ensure all candidates understand the bigger picture. 

“Municipalities are the boots on the ground. It is in our communities where things happen and the only way to build a strong Alberta is to have strong communities.”