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AUMA submission for the Police Act review

April 24, 2019

Since a review of the 31-year-old Alberta Police Act was launched last year, AUMA has established a Police Act Working Group to inform its response to it.

As a result of this group's work, the first AUMA submission to the Police Act review highlights the key priority issues for Alberta municipalities within the Act and details AUMA's suggested principles for the Alberta Police Act and a for a new, more equitable police funding model.

AUMA priorities to the Police Act are built around:

  • Equitable funding model
  • Accountability and commitment to municipalities’ priorities
  • Consistent, equitable access to police services for all Albertans

The continuity of the Police Act review is now unclear due to the change in government, but the AUMA Police Act Working Group will keep meeting and developing AUMA policy positions on policing and police funding.

Visit the Policing Hub website to find AUMA's submission on the first phase of the Alberta Police Act review, as well as more information on the Police Act Review and the Working Group.