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Be a healthy-eating role model; set your kids up for success

December 16, 2015

Parents seek to guide their children by talking about important family and personal issues - like healthy eating. However, children often hear one thing and see another. As such, they won’t perceive healthy eating as important if it is not something that they see parents doing.

Modeling healthy eating supports the development of healthy behaviors in children. As a parent, your attitudes about food and eating habits will influence your children and will likely establish patterns that will ultimately affect their health and their achievements.

Pediatric & adult nutrition expert, Lisa Weinberg, has some suggestions for parents who, while often stressed for time, want to create a positive nutritional foundation for their children.

  • Eat the way you want your child to eat; don’t skip meals and try new foods together - teaching your child that they need to balance nutritious food with snacks.
  • Eat meals as a family as often as possible; this plays a key role in raising high-achieving, healthy and well-adjusted children, in ensuring better nutrition and in strengthening family ties. 
  • Do not make food an issue; avoid talking about dieting, calories and body image. Rather, model healthy eating and an active lifestyle; enjoy being together.
  • Let kids be kids.

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