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Crowsnest Historical Society Receives 2017 AUMA Above and Beyond Award

December 12, 2017

Congratulations to the Crowsnest Historical Society on receiving AUMA’s 2017 Above and Beyond Award, which recognizes people or organizations who have played a significant role in implementing municipal sustainability plans relating to cultural development.

The Crowsnest Historical Society works to preserve and promote the heritage of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass through supporting the municipality and community groups in promoting heritage values and preservation of key historic structures.

The Crowsnest Historical Society has been a champion for the municipality through their efforts to restore historical structures like the Alberta Provincial Police Barracks – the location of one of the most noteworthy crimes committed in Alberta. The society has largely funded the restoration through their own initiatives in combination with grant funding and has worked to tie the grand opening of the structure to the Canada 150 celebrations as well as 100-year anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Alberta Provincial Police.

The society has contributed to the “Community Identity and Quality of Life” strategy identified in the municipality’s Community Strategic Action Plan, through:

  • Identifying Historic Commercial Overlay District boundaries, which were incorporated into the Land Use Bylaw.
  • Participating in the municipality’s heritage inventory project to identify priority buildings for municipal historic resource designation.
  • Contributing to the development of the municipality’s award winning Heritage Driving Route and Heritage Waking Tour programs through conducting research and mounting plaques identifying historically significant buildings.
  • Participating in the Doors Open & Heritage Festival, which facilitates access to buildings of historic significance, which are not typically open to the public, and includes many historical, natural and cultural activities across the community.

The Society’s work helps to keep history alive in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

Congratulations to the Crowsnest Historical Society for going above and beyond, and congratulations once again to all of our 2017 Municipal Sustainability Award winners, and thank you to all who applied.