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Free Course on how to Analyze Policies and Programs to ensure Inclusivity

August 23, 2017

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) is an analytical tool used to assess and improve how policies and programs impact diverse groups of people. The Government of Canada offers a free online course that offers a basic introduction to GBA+ and how different populations are affected by government work.  

While the name Gender-based Analysis suggests that it only focuses on gender, the “plus” acknowledges that GBA+ goes beyond issues of sex and gender and explores other issues of discrimination such as race, religion, age, income and mental or physical disability.

In addition to the GBA+ course, you can watch a webinar on GBA+ that AUMA recorded with Alberta’s Ministry of Status of Women. 

GBA+ complements AUMA’s Welcoming and Inclusive Communities initiative, which includes tools and resources to assist municipalities in promoting equity and inclusion, and reducing racism and discrimination in their communities.