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Have you prepared your community for emergencies?

June 12, 2019

These past few weeks are a good reminder of the importance for community emergency preparedness. And, as we take a moment to learn from our most recent experience, we must remain mindful of the seasonality of threats from hail, thunder storms, and tornadoes that may be on the horizon.

Emergency preparedness has many components to it. It should encompass business continuity plans for municipal administration and plans for returning to the community after a threat has passed. Municipal leaders should consider the impacts on residents and local businesses, and the best means of communicating with them to encourage them to prepare correctly, too. AUMA's Agility Recovery keeps you protected from disasters and gets you back up and running--fast.  

With that in mind, here are a few other handy web links with some valuable resources:

Preparing your community for disasters is important to its sustainability & recovery, so we encourage you to share these tools with your residents and local businesses.

Don’t forget, AUMA is your partner in risk management and insurance. We are here to help and will respond immediately to assist to our members.