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Have your say on the Alberta Police Act – Chapter 1

January 30, 2019

The Government of Alberta is currently reviewing the Alberta Police Act and AUMA needs your help to prepare our first written submission for what is anticipated to be a multi-year engagement process.

The first task for AUMA’s Police Act Working Group is to identify and prioritize issues related to the Alberta Police Act from a municipal perspective. Please let us know what is and what is not working for you with respect to the Act by completing this survey. Your feedback will then be used to develop AUMA’s first written submission to the province.

Please note that we will be making multiple submissions and you will have additional opportunities to provide feedback, including a second survey this summer that will focus on police funding.

Note that the Government of Alberta is also surveying municipalities on the Police Act. AUMA will not have access to the data from this survey, so we encourage you to complete both surveys even though the questions may be similar.

The deadline to complete the AUMA survey February 20, 2019.