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It’s Fire Prevention Week

October 9, 2019

Fire Prevention Week is October 6-12 this year. Your municipality’s Protective Services department may have public engagement events to encourage conversations within your community about fire prevention measures.

But, it is also a great time to have a conversation on fire prevention in the workplace.  AUMA provides loss control inspections on a scheduled basis with some of our General Insurance members. Some common hazards we might look for include:

  • blocked fire exits or stairwells
  • under or un-serviced fire extinguishers and suppression equipment
  • improper chemical storage
  • lack of fire plan or practiced evacuations


Fire prevention is a great topic of conversation as a safety talk or at your general operations meeting. Your community may have previously had our Opta Precise at your facilities to conduct a regular appraisal and/or loss control inspection. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 310-AUMA(2862) to inquire about previous reports and loss prevention recommendations.

And don’t forget your own home! This is a good time test your smoke detectors and to develop household fire escape plans with your family. There are wonderful tools online with the National Fire Protection Association and other organizations to have great conversations with kids about fire prevention.