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Join the Alberta Municipal Benchmarking Initiative

February 27, 2019

If your municipality is interested in establishing performance metrics and sharing leading practices, consider joining the Alberta Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (AMBI).

What is the AMBI?

The initiative was established in 2012 by a collaborative made up of small and large Alberta municipalities to establish a common framework for tracking municipal service delivery metrics over time.

The AMBI collects data from participating municipalities to identify trends, compare processes and support continuous improvement in the following service areas:

  • Drinking Water Supply
  • Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal
  • Fire Protection
  • Residential Solid Waste Management
  • Roadway Operations and Maintenance
  • Snow and Ice Management
  • Transit

Why join?

Participating municipalities find that the key benefit of the AMBI is that it provides an opportunity to share ideas. Municipalities use the network to discuss results and share their practices and strategies. Discussion often starts with questions - Why did we get these results? How can we improve? What does your program look like? — And, ends with collaboration on creative solutions to improve performance.

How to join?

Contact one of the following: