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Joint study presents a compelling vision for extended producer responsibility

March 17, 2020

Alberta municipalities have been actively building multi-stakeholder support for extended producer responsibility (EPR) for residential packaging and paper products (PPP) since 2013. A new study funded by AUMA, the cities of Edmonton and Calgary, and the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) presents a vision for a made-in-Alberta solution to EPR for PPP that comes with undeniable economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Study findings

Among its many findings, the study projects that a made-in-Alberta approach to EPR for PPP will:

  • reduce the recycling collection services costs that municipalities charge their residents each year by up to $105 million
  • inject $16 million to the Alberta economy every year
  • add approximately 220 new jobs in Alberta’s recycling industry
  • reduce CO2 emissions by 72,000 tonnes each year (the equivalent of removing 15,000 cars from the road annually)

To learn more:

Opportunities for municipalities to get involved

AUMA would like to see the provincial government endorse the merits of EPR for PPP in Alberta and commit to creating a province-led implementation plan this election term.

AUMA members can support our efforts in several ways: 

  • Reach out to AUMA and add your name to the list of organizations that support EPR for packaging and paper products in Alberta. 
  • Write to your MLA about modernizing Alberta’s regulatory framework! Download the letter template, add any customized content, and email it to your MLA as a municipality or supportive elected official. 
  • Use the social media tag #ABneedsEPR and highlight your support for EPR for packaging and paper products in Alberta through your social media channels.

If you have any questions about extended producer responsibility, please contact AUMA’s Advocacy team at